My working life.



1973 to 1996

I journeyed through nursery school, two primary schools, Cubs, two secondary schools, college and University.

I sold stationary at school (and tried to sell condoms but was warned off by the Headmaster), and star wars figures and general nik-naks at car boot sales and fetes.

I went on to work on a paper round, in a tool hire, as a spud peeler, as a data enterer, as a labourer, as a  shop floor operative for the Co-op, as a petrol station operative, as a special projects operative for B&Q, and as a bouncer.

When music took a hold I became a DJ, organised parties and raves down the beach and in fields, and eventually started developing my own music.

During this phase I spun the wheels of steel at various clubs and events up and down the country, including all the Xerxes events,  DieHard at the Dielectric Club (Leicester), Vision at Colchester Hippodrome, XTC at the Godiva Coventry, the D&T Coventry, and lots more that I'll add in over time as I find and scan the flyers...



Then reality kicked in.



1996 - started as a Technical Engineer for Connect 4 Systems Limited.

1997 - contracted to Tecnomatix Technologies Limited on a regular basis.

1997 - assumed role of acting Engineering Manager for C4S.

1998 - left C4S to become a Contract Programmer, and developed software for Mumford Machinery Limited and Franklins Group.

1998 - founded GML Networking Technologies as a division of Mumford Machinery Limited.

1999 - Incorporated GML (NT) Limited.

2000 - GML Networking Technologies separates from Mumford Machinery Limited and starts trading as a division of GML (NT) Limited.

2003 - founded Greg's Software Saloon as an extension of my Ebay activities.

2005 - GMLNET launched as a division of GML (NT) Limited; to fulfil the DSL and hosting requirements of GML customers.


Currently -

2006 and business is booming for GML!